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    1. HOME

      Products List
      Home commodity molds
      Chair mold & Table mold
      Home appliances molds
      Automotive parts molds
      pallet molds
      Dustbin molds
      Pipe fifting molds
      thin wall mould
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      1. Which specific field we specialize in?
      Household electrical Appliance, car parts, industry dustbin, various commodity moulds, crate, chair, thin wall injection moulds...

      2. Number of employees in our factory? And size of the company?
      Our company have more than 60 workers, and located about 6000 m*2.

      3. Do we have mold export experience?
      Yes, we have been exporting Molds to Australia, UK, Brazil, Indonesia, Iran, Jordan...

      4. Which design Software we use? And which format of files we receive?
      We use U.G., Pro-E, Solidworks, AUTO-CAD for mold and plastic parts design, can read most format of files.

      5. How about the Intellectual Property policy of our company?
      Without your allowance, all related drawings, samples, pictures and ideas are not allowed to disclose.

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