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      TAIZHOU KENTE MOULD CO., LTD.  is a professional mould manufacturer in China. Our company has lot experience at making plastic mould, rubber mould. Kente Mould is located in the China Mould Town - Huangyan. When 1994,we found KAIYUAN MOULD FACTORY, in the past 17 years. We have exported thousands moulds to more than twenty countries,We had rich experience in mould manufacture, by using advanced machines and taking excellent quality control.Now the factory is growing up. We found TAIZHOU KENTE MOULD CO., LTD.

      KENTE can take your project from preliminary design through detailed design & mold construction to initial product sampling and final full-scale production. Our primary focus is customer. We are driven by an unsurpassed commitment to quality and a passion for excellence. We seek to form a partnership with our customers. We work together to develop customized and unique solutions to the most challenging projects.

      KENTE's goal is to identify your needs and exceed your expectations by supplying you with superior designs, the highest quality products, and a management and service team committed to providing you with the highest level of customer service in the industry. You can be assured that our commitment to you is to provide you with first-rate service, superior quality, and timely delivery.

      KENTE ensures that our customers receive the high-quality molds that only an accomplished and experienced mold manufacturer can offer. Our molds are manufactured exclusively as customer's requirements.

      KENTE is a complete manufacturing facility specializing in design, mold making and project management with our own tool shops. Our market is based on America, Europe, Australia, and other countries and regions. KENTE offers a wide range of expertise in the design, engineering and building of all type of molds independently. KENTE also offers mold inspection, qualification, and part production with our own shops and machines (from 35 tons to 1200 tons).



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