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      KENTE is whole informed that an order was awarded, we start to make a preliminary mould design according to customer approval or comments. The preliminary mould design shows all the main features of the tools such as; mould size, injection, cooling, slides or side action mechanics.
      KENTE has many years experience in international mould making area, our experts will assist you in designing your new product right from the initial stages. They will evaluate the feasibility of the product in terms of your wishes and requirements, providing guidance and support for its cost-effective development. . After both parties controlling technical properties well, we order steels immediately and start designing. In designing, all of the parts of the moulds are prepared as 3D solid models and 2D technical drawing .
      One of the most important problems is to complete a project in time. This detail is very important for KENTE mould. All of the moulds that will be produced by a determined planned software. By a graphic method that was occurred, progress can be controlled correctly and it can be compared with original plan. This kind of information will avoid us would not delay customer's plan and make us to take some precautions for helping to solve problems.

      Quality Control

      Quality is the life of our factory, all of the products’ dimensional controls are made according to CAD Datas. KAIYUAN will try to meet customers’ demands with the advanced inspection equipments (Video Measuring System, CMM, Projector, tool Microscope etc.) and complete quality control system. Owning the CNC equipment complex and some different modes equipments. By the specialized CAD/CAM/CAE assistance design, CNC milling machine, numerical control lathe, the EDM machine , the wire EDM, and so on, we can ensure our products quality and the precision of process.

      Mold try out

      At KENTE, we fully test all moulds and trials are conducted on state of the art machines and ancillary equipment. Trial reports and process data are provided to the client for rapid start up and all clients can be assured of tight quality control that guarantees an excellent product. Mould trial samples will be provided together with inspection reports. First trial of samples: Normally, KENTE will provide 3 samples Free of Charge to clients according to the sizes of parts at freight collect, and we will send the trial samples by UPS or DHL. In our work process, our engineer will attend the mould trial to provide full support in improving the mould function and mould condition during trial. KENTE's mould trial injection machine range: 35-1250 tons.




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